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Teaching Philosophy

Music is a celebration of life. Teaching others how to appreciate life’s great blessings and to express that gratitude in music is my life’s work and passion. Love, Joy, Peace, and Understanding are the principles that unite us as a global community. It is my pleasure to bring that message to my students.


                                                                               Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy incorporates extemporaneous, traditional, and process methodologies. The teaching of process focuses on the development and gradual unfolding of an interpretive personality by relaying general concepts of style and technique and combines directive and non-directive approaches. Additionally, I encourage students to define external goals and develop the internal motivation needed to achieve them.


I believe the most important qualities in teaching include enthusiasm for the subject matter— in my case, a deep love of music. Clear presentation of the material covered and defining what is expected of the students is very necessary, as well as listening carefully to them and responding honestly to any suggestions. The use of humor to lighten the atmosphere and enhance learning has always been a distinctive and effective part of my approach.


The most important aspect of teaching is to eventually enable students to teach themselves, and the most important aspect of self-teaching is the ability to decipher the music scores. Apart from faithfully reading and executing what has been printed, it’s even more vital to understand the reason and meaning of what’s printed; only then will the execution will have depth and substance. Therefore, my duty as a teacher is to clearly explain those two components so students can become self-sufficient in the future.


I believe music enriches our minds, enlightens our hearts and elevates our souls. To me, music is a way of living, and through it, we learn about life. My passion for music compels me to share my enthusiasm with students and present them with knowledge vital for them to gain the ultimate freedom in expression, both in music and life.