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University of Hawaii

Summary of Qualifications: Over thirty five years of professional experience in the performing arts and musical education fields

  • University of Hawaii, Maui College

    ·        Teach individual and classroom-based Piano, Music Theory, Ear Training and Sight Singing courses

    ·        Develop curriculum, revise course content and implement the teaching methods based on the latest development of music educational programs

    ·        Guide and nurture the development of each student’s potential to become a successful, compassionate and lifelong learner

    ·        Provide piano students with the technical skills and versatility of repertoire encompassing the works from the four major stylistic periods through the works of contemporary composers

    ·        Provide students with the tools to understand the theoretical elements of music, including sound and pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, forms and notation. Develop the ability to hear music and determine the nature of the musical elements. Develop analytical skills, practical musicianship

    ·        Provide individualized tutorial or remedial instruction to students who requires it

    ·        Enhance college experience for students by providing varied performance opportunities for diverse levels of student’ talent

    ·        Planning, implementation outreach programs, activities for the students and community  

    ·        Conduct Master classes to students both on and off campus

    ·        Participate in students juries and recitals

    ·        To prepare reports of students’ academic performance, and to record and to maintain students’ achievements from the assigned course

    ·        Participate in departmental and college affairs

  •       Maintain artistic performance profile both on and off campus