Enthusiastic Patrons of the Arts express appreciation of Ms. Feldman’s talent:


*I wanted to take a moment to tell you how grateful we are for the work and musicianship Damira Feldman demonstrated during her residency at the University of South Carolina Aiken this past week.  Ms Feldman was at USCA to provide outreach to area music students – she participated in a young artist’s recital, gave a master class to students from USCA, and performed a lecture/recital for public school students in Aiken County.  Each outreach program was different, carefully prepared, and thoughtful in its design.  In fact, I had teachers tell me after the public school performance how much they appreciated the appropriate nature of the subject matter and how much their students enjoyed the program.

In addition to the outreach program, Ms Feldman performed an outstanding recital as a part of the Winter Nocturne series established by a patron, Ben Cox.  Winter Nocturne is an annual artist recital series featuring outstanding pianists and just completed its third year.  Mr. Cox had heard Damira perform in the Washington, D.C. area this past year and was so enthusiastic about her recital that he asked her to come to Aiken.  His enthusiasm for her abilities as an artist were not overstated – she performed brilliantly and even included art work projected on the back of the stage.  Her events were well received, not only as indicated by concert attendance but also because several attendees came up to the concert organizers after the concert and remarked that she performed the most enchanting concert they had ever seen.

I am grateful to Ms Feldman for her excellent work and wanted to share our appreciation for her artistry and effort while at USCA.

Joel Scraper, DMA, Coordinator, Music Education
Chair, Music Outreach Programs
Assistant Professor of Music
University of South Carolina 

*On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Bass Museum of Art, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for the beautiful program,"Two Love Stories of Frederic Chopin" Ms. Feldman presented on January 10th.

Once again you attracted a full house. With you narrative framing your touching renditions of Chopin's poetically expressive melodies, the audience was transported to another era. It is to your credit that your fingers responded to the technical demands of his compositions as much as the audience responded to your fervent interpretation. Your selection of works was in perfect keeping with the unfolding story of Chopin's two loves and added much to the artistry, interest and educational value of the program.

I am thrilled that the Bass Museum was able to join in the world-wide bicentennial celebration of Chopin's birthday. It was a wonderful component of the museum's concert series. Thank you for sharing your talents and enthusiasm for your craft with us. I look forward to the possibility of working with you again in the future.

Denise Wolpert, Development Associate
Bass Museum of Art

*Extraordinary passion, feeling and the technique we have come to expect from Damira Feldman. The Franck' Prelude, Fugue and Variations especially showcases her lyricism, emotion and technical strength. Fluid, lyrical and the touch........most sensitive. A pleasure to listen to. 

*Beautiful playing as always, Damira! I enjoyed meeting/hearing you in Boston and hope to be hearing you more!

*Damira Feldman provides us with her obvious artistic and technical ability. It is a pleasure to listen to her playing and she never fails to convey the emotions of the composer even though she colors her performance with her own interpretation.

*One has only to see and hear a classical pianist Mira Feldman performed her outstanding rendition of the worlds composers where it be Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach or Beethoven that you become captivated by her verve the intensity of her interpretation of the music and the fire that lights her being throughout her performance.
She is a talent that comes alone very seldom and has the capacity to thrill the audience.
It is a privilege to experience the pure joy she brings to the audience. Bravo and many cheers to outstanding musician! Let’s hear more Ms. Feldman. May she enjoy much success!
Pearl Teitler

*Ms. Feldman is one of the most talented pianists you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. Her programs are brilliant as is her discourse that informs the audience of the background of each number she performs. She is an absolute delight!
Tony Santamauro, Director, Dramatic Theater of Arts, Writer, Choreographer

*Mira Feldman is not simply a talented pianist; she is an artist who lives and breathes her music and somehow magically translates this extraordinary spiritual connection into inspiring performances that captivate her audiences. She is a rare talent with a unique style and flair—an exciting entertainer! 
Shelley Portnoy, Author, Pioneers of Israel, Wrestling With The Angels

*Dear Mira,

What a beautiful concert tonight at Art and Mind Center! You are charming, so talented and remarkable.

You know how to make a heart light and happy. Your music played with so much enthusiasm makes every one smile. Hope there will be more times to cheer and share with you!!!  L'Haim!

Celia Botbol


*Dearest Ms. Feldman,

Word alone can't express our joy during this afternoon concert at the Bass Museum of Arts. Truly a once in a lifetime experience! We sincerely feel truly honored to be with you. THANK YOU!”

Javier Guadayol, PA

Attorney At Law


*You performed at the theater last night and my husband and I enjoyed your performance immensely. My husband is a graduate of the Julliard School of Music in New York and he is very critical of entertainers, but you passed with flying colors. Kudos to you!!! Anyone who hasn't seen you should put you on their to do list. Hope we see you again soon

Dorothy Feingold


*Dear Mira Feldman,

I am one among the many who had the distinct pleasure of your performance at  this past Saturday, August 16th

I feel it necessary to tell you that pleasure and appreciation you brought to me and many who were enchanted not only by your most obvious accomplishment at the piano, but the charm and exuberance of your personality. You ignited the room  with your brilliance, for which we all express our deepest thanks.

I can only hope this is not to be a "One Time Performance Only", and we may soon again enjoy the great pleasure of your many gifts and talent.

Most sincerely,

Frances Bassell

*Mira Feldman presented Classical piano recital at Steinway Gallery on Wednesday, September 04th. 2012 
It was not the first time she performed here and as an attendee I can truthfully say that this was by far her best performance.
The reason being that her program was diversified those Chopin selections where both familiar and challenging.
The familiar melodies were received with enthusiasm and greeted with applause of appreciation. In addition to her musical ability she has very charming and likable personality which is manifested by evident pleasure and performing.”
Rabbi Symond Friedman

London, UK


Feldman to Perform at Steinway Gallery



Musical Collage at Steinway Piano Gallery



Feldman will Play Chopin Love Stories



The Series "Beautiful and Beloved Music of All Time" at Steinway Piano Gallery



*Dear Ms. Feldman -  your appearance at the stage the other night at Hongoirs Institute was so fantastic that I must simply drop you a line. You were a breath of fresh air - not even to mention your expertise, your superb command of the nuances of the music. Your love of music shone through - you so enjoyed performing that it was catching to us, the audience. 

Doris B. Rosenthal

*Dear Mira, Your performance last night thrilled me and was the best concert.
It’s not only your wonderful talent, but also your knowledge of classical music and your grace and warmth with your audience that combine to make you an exceptional performer.
Claire Friedman

*We all enjoyed your performance very much and look forward to any future performances we can attend.
Thank you for sharing your talent and your enthusiasm and charm with us!
Flora M. Rees and Wally, Burlington, Canada


to the tune of Annie’s song by John Denver

You bring us together-
What ever the weather-
To join in an evening-
When we’ll laugh and we’ll sing!

Another night with the Feldmans
Can’t wait for the music!
Will she play something Classic?
Or will it be new?

Remember the night she played Chopin?
She told us his story
Do you remember the Waltzes?
Will she play then again?

Or will she play something newer?
I would love some old show tunes!
So sit back and listen
Cause she’s at it again!

So let’s gather together
In anticipation
Watch this great talent
Cause she’s playing again!

Oh, Mira, we love you!
Your spirit has moved us
We’re lucky we found you
So start playing again!

Paullete Bronstein


*Mira, thank you very much for giving of your time to perform for our Russian New American Club on Sough Beach, the residents that participated in this program enjoyed your exquisite program of Classical Music very much!
Joyce Kagan, M.A. Program Director

Dear Mira. I and All enjoyed your piano playing at Steinway and Sons very very much. Hope you will be back very soon again. Be Well, and enjoy what you do so well. All the best till we meet again.
Paul Schwarz