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*Music History

Music History through the Arts - a Little Music Club. This innovative program based on the idea of translating and adapting complex musical ideas into accessible language for the children, making it relevant to the youngest minds. The Music History through Arts program creates a unique harmonic atmosphere where all elements of music and art weaved into each other and directed to develop a passion for art of learning.

The power of storytelling about lives of Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and many more, music and artworks from different historical periods draw children into the intriguing world of music and arts!

Little Music Club promotes creativity by encouraging the child to create imaginative characters and bring them to life through listening to music, creative movements and instrumental play. The programs are enhanced by a richly illustrated slide show of artworks appropriate to the themes.  Materials used in the lessons are age-appropriate and changed frequently to hold the interest of the children. 

Children will have the opportunity to: 
1. Listen to the Symphony, Ballet, Opera, Chamber Music and Instrumental performances,
2. Learn the selective chapters of various composers’ lives,
3. Associate Music and Color, Music and Movement, Music and Rhythm, Music and Dynamics, Music and Tonal Echoes,
4. Learn and associate Music with the artworks and other visuals appropriate to the program,








10:00 - 11:00pm


Max 8 children

Little Music Club


01:00 - 02:00pm


Max 8 children

Little Music Club

*The schedule is not final

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