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*Courses for Adults

Fun Piano Playing – a course of Group Piano Studying

We offer two levels of group piano courses. The Level I course is designed to take a person with absolutely no playing experience and get them playing right from the first class. The Level II course is designed with the more experienced player in mind. This course offers  an existing players an opportunity to expand their knowledge into their specific areas of interests.

Series of Music Appreciation classes “Behind the music scores - portraits of composers from the 17th to 20th Centuries"

The courses are designed to expand and enhance an understanding and appreciation of the classical music ranging from Baroque era through Classics and Romantics, to more contemporary composers. 

The series of programs encompasses classical, romantic and contemporary piano works of several centuries.

The programs are enhanced with visuals, packed with engaging information, and presented enthusiastically. 

The Themes of these programs vary greatly. Here are a few examples of the themes:

The Piano – The Instrument of the millions. History and development of keyboard from Virginal, Clavichord, Spinet to Piano. Program features the works by Couperin, Telemann, Rameau, Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven

Baroque' Treasures. The Summit of the Baroque era and the first distinguished composers of instrumental music during an epoch of Baroque Alessandro Scarlatti, Jean Baptiste Lully, Jean Philippe Rameau, George F. Handel

Tribute to J S Bach. Johann Sebastian Bach - How can it be explained that when Bach died, so much that he had achieved seemed to vanish from public consciousness? And yet, not quite a century later, his music was to return to the world in triumph

The Triumph and Tragedy of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven's story is one of personal triumph over tragedy and supreme musical achievement. A complex and brilliant man, no composer before or since has exerted greater influence

“Lyric Poet of the piano”- Two love stories and Music of Frederic Chopin. Chopin’s relations with the central players in his love drama, most notably Maria Wodzinka and George Sand…

Spanish Rhapsody. The pride and the powerful manifestation of the Spanish and South American composers for their native and national traditions. 

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